The Acumos Portal is designed to enable Modelers to easily on-board AI models and associated document/license. For modles built with Java, Python or R language, modelers have the possibility to package them into reusable microservices.

A Modeler may test out the Acumos features in a personal private/unpublished section of the Marketplace. Additionally, a Modeler may publish the models to the Company Marketplace or to the Public Marketplace for wider distribution.

Modelers are typically subject-matter experts in their fields, so Acumos models come from a wide range of domains and applications.

Models may be written in a number of popular programming languages or toolkits, including Java, R, Python(Scikit Learn, Keras, Tensor FLow), ONNX and PFA. It is also possible to on-board models pre-dockerized outside Acumos.

All of the models that a user has on-boarded can be viewed from the My Models page. Depending on their history, the models may exist in one for three sections: MY UNPUBLISHED MODELS,PUBLISHED TO MARKETPLACE, and MY DELETED MODELS .

Models published to Company are visible only to account holders on your local Acumos instance. This can be thought of as “inside the instance firewall” – typically viewable by close collaborators. Models published to Public are available to outside Acumos instances. The set of peers that may have access to Public models is determined by your local Administrator.

Private/Unpublished models are visible only to the Modeler. However, a Modeler does have the option to share a model with a specific user who has an account on the same Acumos instance.