Viewing Your Models

Users may view all the models they have uploaded by accessing the My Models page.

Models are organized by their visibility to others on your My Models page. They are sorted into the following sections:

Initially, successfully on-boarded model will appear in my Models page in the UNPUBLISHED section. These are visible only to you and any collaborators of that model (shared). Partially on-boarded models (in process) are also displayed in this section but are shown greyed out until the on-boarding process is successfully completed.

Models that have been published to Restricted catalog, appear in the LOCAL marketplace and are visible to anyone with an account on the local Acumos Instance.

Models that have been published to Public catalog, appear in the PUBLIC marketplace and may be viewed by users on Acumos instances that have a federated relationship with your local instance.


At this time, models are not truly deleted but rather moved into a “deleted” state.

  1. Access the My Models page from the outer left menu

2-6. This functionality works the same way it does on the main Marketplace page. Please see the Overview for details.

Clicking on any model image shows the Model Detail page for that model.