9.1. On-Boarding Design Studio Toolkit Models

The Design Studio requires specific toolkit models to be on-boarded in order for Data Broker, Generic Data Mapper, Splitter, and Collator functionality to be enabled.

9.1.1. On-Boarding the Models

  1. Download the following archived model bundles from the Design Studio wiki page:

    • Collator.zip
    • Splitter.zip
    • DataBroker.zip
    • DataMapper.zip
  2. Each zip file is a model that needs to be on-boarded; follow the web on-boarding instructions to upload the models.

9.1.2. Publishing the Models

All the models should be published to the Company marketplace. Each model needs to have Model Category and Toolkit Type set. See the Publishing to the Company Marketplace section of the Managing a Model page in the Portal and Marketplace User Guide for instructions.

Model Model Category Toolkit Type
Collator Data Transformation Collator
Data Broker Data Sources Data Broker
Generic Data Mapper Data Transfer
Splitter Data Transformation Splitter