Description RatingΒΆ

Owner/ Co-owners can publish their models into Marketplace using Publish to Marketplace menu item of Manage My Model button.


When a Owner/ Co-owners publishes a model to marketplace associated with a catalog, he must provide meta information such as model name, description, category etc.., if no such information is provided the system will not allow the Owner/ Co-owners to publish the model.


On click of model description link, a text editor window will be appeared where Owner/ Co-owners can view or add/edit the description for that model.


There will be a character counter in the footer section of model description editor, which will count the total number of characters entered in it. Depending on the character count the system will provide the rating to a model.


Rating will be given if the description field contains character count :

  • Greater than 500 characters - 5 stars
  • Greater than 400 characters - 4 stars
  • Greater than 300 characters - 3 stars
  • Greater than 200 characters - 2 stars
  • Greater than 100 characters - 1 star
  • Less than 100 characters - no stars

Once the description is added rating can be viewed after exiting the text editor. There will be a note stating, if the character count is less than 500 characters suggests that the Owner/ Co-owners to add more information or else he can go with current rating by clicking the OK button.


Upon confirming the description data Owner/ Co-owners can view the description as well as the rating under the Model Description section.


Rating of a model can be viewed in preview section of model as well as the model details page.

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