License RTU Editor Release Notes

Version 0.1.7 18 Jun 2020

  • Unable to click to retrieve RTU Agreement from LUM- ACUMOS-4158

Version 0.1.6 15 May 2020

  • Option to click a reset button- ACUMOS-3905
  • RTU Editor: Mandatory Fields in RTU- ACUMOS-3904
  • RTU Editor: Quit Button(X) is required on the i frame- ACUMOS-4131
  • RTU Editor:-UI for RTU editor is not consistent- ACUMOS-3908
  • As a License Admin I want to be able to launch the RTU editor and have the ability to import/export the agreement with LUM to fill out RTU Agreement- ACUMOS-4084

Version 0.1.5 06 Jan 2020

  • Adding local file backup due to corporate proxy blocking github url- ACUMOS-3834
  • Updating angular to latest runtime

Version 0.1.4 05 Dec 2019

  • Adding Required indicator to Target Identifier - ACUMOS-3799

Version 0.1.3 04 Nov 2019

Version 0.1.1 29 Oct 2019

  • Fix to handle nested array types (like refinements, Constraints etc.) - ACUMOS-3610

Version 0.1.0 23 Oct 2019

  • RTU editor changes for Supplier/Subscriber - ACUMOS-3115
    • As a Supplier, I can
      • select / apply pre-defined Open digital rights language (ODRL) RTU agreement examples
      • import / apply sample Open digital rights language (ODRL) RTU agreement from a file
      • Use RTU editor to create RTU LUM Asset Usage Agreement and download it to local file system
    • As a Subscriber, I can
      • import / apply RTU LUM Asset Usage agreement from a file
        • review Open digital rights language (ODRL) RTU agreement in READ-ONLY mode and save to LUM server
      • fetch RTU LUM Asset Usage agreement from LUM server
        • add / edit restrictions
        • save restrictions (of RTU LUM agreement) to LUM server
    • schema changes - v1.0.1
      • added new attribute “schemaType” to distinguish between the RTU agreement and restrictions schema
      • used the value of “schemaType” to identify respective layout
      • added new schema for agreement “restrictions”
      • replaced / removed ‘dateTime’ as only ‘date’ would be supported
    • layout changes - v1.0.1
      • added layout for RTU agreement restrictions fields
  • Added field to submit ‘userId’ while saving to LUM server
  • Subscriber > initialize restriction uid, permission and prohibition from respective agreement fields

Version 0.0.7 10 Oct 2019

  • Remove redundant property under refinements - lum:swLicensor ACUMOS-3553

Version 0.0.6 09 Oct 2019

  • Show UI field to enter LUM server URL
  • Ability to save the RTU document to LUM server
  • Changes to RTU document as per LUM API expectations
  • Put the base version of app.version.ts in source repo so that editor can run in non-build environment like stackblitz

Version 0.0.5 03 Oct 2019

Version 0.0.4 01 Oct 2019

  • Support to process & render diff versions of license RTU documents - ACUMOS-3494

Version 0.0.3 20 Sep 2019

Version 0.0.2 30 Aug 2019

  • No change - but release along with other sub-project - License Manager Client Library

Version 0.0.1, 12 August 2019