Developer Guide

Uses of this library

The license manager client library provides a java jar to perform the following functions:
  • Provide a schema for license profile
  • Validate license profiles against the schema
  • Register ML models with License Usage Manager
  • Verify entitlement with License Usage Manager
  • Support Portal back end
  • Fetch all the available SwidTags with License Usage Manager

How to build locally

  • to build and install

` mvn clean install `

This will require settings setup for nexus for acumos. See CI / CD instructions.

  • To run license check and update headers

Maven license plugin.

  • Other goals:

Check license headers do this before review. ` mvn license:check-file-header `

To update license headers automatically. Note that if you have a header it will not update the copyright or description.

` mvn license:update-file-header `

  • To check java docs are working

` mvn javadoc:javadoc `

You can view javadocs in the path provided in console

  • Fixing java docs

` mvn javadoc:fix -DfixTags="param,return,throws,link" `

  • Unit test coverage should be above 40%

Check html page under here ` license-manager-client-library/target/site/jacoco/org.acumos.licensemanager.client.model/index.source.html `

  • Check style

` mvn checkstyle:check `

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