Demeter Release Notes

Demeter is the fourth release of the Acumos platform.

Release Highlights

  • Cloud Enablement:
    • Containerized platform deployment incorporating cloud native functions, horizontal scaling, and implementation flexibility
  • On Boarding:
    • CLI message response with the Acumos Docker model
    • Support for Pre-dockerized and Dockerized model URI with protobuf file to render models usable in Design studio.
  • Licensing:
    • Activity tracking and reporting – License usage manager (LUM) maintains logs of model usage
    • Integration of License module with Portal UI.
  • Training:
    • Bidirectional communication over the federation link between subscriber and supplier instances to support ML life cycle management and continuous learning
  • ML Work Bench:

    • Predictor Manager:
      • The Predictor Manager manages the model deployment, visualization of deployment metadata and association to a project.
    • Data source:
      • The Data Source feature allows user to create and associate project data with a model to create, update, and delete data set used for training, validation and testing.
  • Portal:
    • Integration of License module with Portal


Acumos provides a Zero to Acumos (Z2A) installation process for deploying to Ubuntu 20.04 development environments. The Z2A installation covers the case of starting with a VM or the case of starting from an existing Kubernetes installation. The Z2A was built as a modular design leveraging installation already existing for components that Acumos depends on (Nexus/MariaDB/etc.) The mindset is for any Acumos dependency you may use your own or use the defalt that is part of the Z2A installation.

To get begin Start_Here

Supported Browsers, Devices, and Resolutions

Detailed information can be found on the Supported Browsers, Devices, and Resolutions page.

How to Get Help

There are two options for getting help installing and using the Acumos platform:

Whether you post to the mailing list or to Stack Overflow, please be as descriptive as possible in the body so it’s easier for a community member to help.

How to Report a Bug

You can report a bug by creating a Jira issue in the Acumos Jira. You must log in with your Linux Foundation ID. Guidelines for the content of a bug report are here.