Athena Maintenance Release Notes

Athena is the first release of the Acumos platform.

  • Release Name: Athena Maintenance
  • Release Version: 1.1.0
  • Release Date: 12 December 2018

Supported Browsers, Devices, and Resolutions

Detailed information can be found on the Supported Browsers, Devices, and Resolutions page.

Issues Addressed

Jira AthenaMaintenance-Fixed

Issue Type Issue key Component/s Summary
Bug ACUMOS-2109 common-dataservice Need update sql script to populate first-author metadata for Athena in DB
Bug ACUMOS-2102 portal-marketplace IST2: Different name is displaying on the model tile on marketplace and manage my model screen for multiple user
Bug ACUMOS-2074 portal-marketplace Portal marketplace tile has unnecessary constant text
Story ACUMOS-2073 portal-marketplace Portal require author and default to user when publishing to any catalog
Bug ACUMOS-2056 portal-marketplace Portal displays incorrect person detail on tile, shows Admin instead of author
Bug ACUMOS-2008 portal-marketplace On-Boarding Model contains links to instead of
Bug ACUMOS-1988 portal-marketplace ADC-Staging - Logged in user not matching name on black bar
Story ACUMOS-1953 portal-marketplace Portal don’t show first-time user Tag/Theme selection dialog
Bug ACUMOS-1933 portal-marketplace IST: Newly Added tag is not displaying on the model tiles (marketplace , manage my model) when user published the model
Bug ACUMOS-1916 on-boarding <IST2> <Onboarding> API token authentication not working for Java model when onboarded through CLI
Story ACUMOS-1818 portal-marketplace Portal improve power of Marketplace left-side seach-by-keyword field
Bug ACUMOS-1653 portal-marketplace IST2: Deploy to Local : Download packages and help is not working on the popup

Known Issues and Limitations

Jira AthenaMaintenance-KnownIssues

Issue Type Issue key Component/s Summary
Bug ACUMOS-1932 portal-marketplace IST: Solution name is not displaying in the notification when user published the model to company marketplace
Bug ACUMOS-1928 on-boarding <IST> <Onboarding> API token Authentication is not working for R model which is onboarded through CLI
Bug ACUMOS-1924 portal-marketplace Edit Peer dialog always sets self status to false
Bug ACUMOS-1912 portal-marketplace IST2: Comment Count is getting zero from tiles when user change the view on marketplace screen
Story ACUMOS-1904 portal-marketplace IST2: Publish request entry is displaying for a deleted model.
Bug ACUMOS-1903 portal-marketplace IST2: When onboarding of a model fail user is not getting both logs by the link provided on the notification bell icon
Bug ACUMOS-1889 portal-marketplace IST2: Web Onboarding: Quit(X) is not working during and after uploading of files
Bug ACUMOS-1885 portal-marketplace IST2 - Status is not moving for states when model is published
Bug ACUMOS-1883 common-dataservice CDS add method to get user unread notification count
Bug ACUMOS-1882 portal-marketplace Portal manage-my-models page shows status Not Started altho deploy to cloud process is completed
Bug ACUMOS-1803 portal-marketplace IST2: View Comment box(tool tip) getting cut down for blank text on publish request screen
Bug ACUMOS-1775 portal-marketplace Portal publish-approve screen does not allow viewing comments after approve/decline
Bug ACUMOS-1626 portal-marketplace IST: Author Name is not displaying when user added the success story
Bug ACUMOS-1531 portal-marketplace IST2: Manage My Model: Document: Same Document is not getting selected if user cancel first time
Bug ACUMOS-516 platform-oam <IST> <OA&M > Logs are not displayed on IST Logcollector when accessed through application

Security Notes

Integrated security and license scanning of models is not available.


Acumos provides a one-click installation script for deploying to Ubuntu 16.04 development environments. Both docker-compose and Kubernetes options are supported. Please see the One Click Deploy User Guide for details.


The Acumos Athena release provides multiple points of documentation:

  • A high level Platform Architecture Guide of how components relate to each other
  • A collection of documentation provided by each component
  • The Acumos wiki remains a good source of information on meeting plans and notes from committees, project teams and community events


Acumos source code is licensed under the Apache Version 2 License. Acumos documentation is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

How to Get Help

There are two options for getting help installing and using the Acumos platform:

Whether you post to the mailing list or to Stack Overflow, please be as descriptive as possible in the body so it’s easier for a community member to help.

How to Report a Bug

You can report a bug by creating a Jira issue in the Acumos Jira. You must log in with your Linux Foundation ID. Guidelines for the content of a bug report are here.