Acumos Python Model Runner User Guide

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The acumos_model_runner package installs a command line tool acumos_model_runner for running models created by the Acumos Python client library.

The model runner provides an HTTP API for invoking model methods, as well as a Swagger UI for documentation. See the tutorial for more information on usage.


You will need a Python 3.4+ environment in order to install acumos_model_runner. You can use Anaconda (preferred) or pyenv to install and manage Python environments.

The acumos_model_runner package can be installed with pip:

$ pip install acumos_model_runner

Command Line Usage

usage: acumos_model_runner [-h] [--host HOST] [--port PORT]
                           [--workers WORKERS] [--timeout TIMEOUT]
                           [--cors CORS]

positional arguments:
  model_dir          Directory containing a dumped Acumos Python model

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  --host HOST        The interface to bind to
  --port PORT        The port to bind to
  --workers WORKERS  The number of gunicorn workers to spawn
  --timeout TIMEOUT  Time to wait (seconds) before a frozen worker is
  --cors CORS        Enables CORS if provided. Can be a domain, comma-
                     separated list of domains, or *