Acumos Python Model Runner Release Notes

v0.2.6, 23 Novemver 2020

  • Fix unicode conversion error when using Text. ACUMOS-4275

v0.2.5, 04 June 2020

  • Fix backward compatibility issue with old models ACUMOS-4164

v0.2.4, 15 May 2020

  • Fix OpenAPI spec generation for empty inputs ACUMOS-4010
  • Allow the model runner to use raw data types ACUMOS-3956
  • Receive the licence profile from the running micro-service ACUMOS-3161

v0.2.3, 23 January 2020

  • larkparser lark-parser<0.8.0 pinning to prevent error
  • Fixing issue with using 0.6.0 model metadata schema - works with model metadata versions <0.6.0 and 0.6.0
  • python removing 3.4 support


  • Fixed 404 bug for model artifact resources caused by relative model directory
  • Fixed incorrect media type for protobuf resource


  • Upgraded Swagger UI from v2 to v3


  • Overhaul of model runner API
  • Added support for application/json via Content-Type and Accept headers
  • Added automatic generation of OpenAPI Specification and Swagger UI
  • Added support for CORS