Publishing Models

Users who have been assigned the Publisher role have the ability to:

  1. Access a list of requests to publish to the Public Marketplace
  2. Check the contents of the solution before publication
  3. Approve or decline publication of the the solution

Publishers have a Publish Request left menu item.


Requests List

From the Publish Request page, a Publisher is able to view requests to publish models to the Public Marketplace, view model details by clicking on a request, approve a request, and decline a request.

  1. Enter filter criteria into the Filter text box in the upper right corner
  2. Change the number of requests/page
  3. Page navigation

Approving or Declining a Request

  1. Click on Model Name to view the details of that specific model.

  2. After reviewing the model details, approve or decline the request by clicking on the button Approve Publication or Decline Publication buttons on the top right corner of the screen. Note that a Publisher may not approve or decline his/her own model.

  3. Provide the reason in the comments box of the popup. Then click on Approve or Decline

  4. The Publisher can also approve/decline the request from the Current Requests list by clicking on the action buttons