Manage Catalogs Overview

The publisher can create the number of catalogs in his instance, and using access level option he can restrict it to display in the marketplace. Publishers can publish one model in different catalogs and they can customize the information based on their needs.

There are two types of access level Acumos has provided.

  1. Public : Using this access level option publisher can allow his catalog access in the marketplace for the users. There is no condition to accessing these catalogs for the user whether they are logged-in or not.

  2. Restricted : Using this access level option publisher can restrict the catalog access for the marketplace users. For accessing these catalogs user has to login to Acumos.


Clicking on Add New Catalog button, publisher is able to create new catalog. Publisher has to enter the details while creating a new catalog

Catalog Name: Publisher can gives any name to his catalogs

Access level: Select this option to restricted your catalogs to be displayed in the marketplace or not.

Add Description: Publisher can provide small details or information about your catalog.

Self Publish: Using the Self Publish option publisher can decide to have an admin approval for Publishing the catalogs on the marketplace.


Clicking on Edit icon publisher is able to edit catalog details


Delete Catalog

The trash-icon(Delete icon) under Action column is used to delete a catalog. Delete icon is Enabled only when there are no models associated with that catalog. Delete icon is Disabled when there is a single model associated with that catalog.


Any catalog cannot be deleted if it falls under any one or more conditions listed below:

  • If catalog is added as favorite catalog.

  • If catalog has a model with pending publish request.

  • If user granted access to peer for the catalog being deleted.