6. Site Configuration

This tab enables configuration of the following:

  • Logos enabling the portal owner (typically a company or other organization) to brand the site: *TODO: explain how these are presented*
    • Co-Branding Logo
    • Header Logo
    • Footer Logo
  • siteInstanceName: Name for the portal site, used to differentiate the site when users first visit (before login), ala “Explore the <siteInstanceName> Marketplace”, “Discover <siteInstanceName>”, etc.
  • ConnectionConfig: set parameters for networking *(TODO: clarify how these are used)*
    • socketTimeout
    • connectionTimeout
  • EnableOnboarding: option to enable or disable the onboarding feature for modelers
  • validationText: If you have Text Check configured as part of your Publishing workflow, a keyword scan will be performed on a model’s artifacts. That keyword scan will use the comma separated list of keywords entered in this field.