1. Introduction

This user guide describes how to use the Admin Interface for Acumos portals.

1.1. What is Covered by the Admin Interface

The Admin Interface is a web-based tool for a site admin to:

  1. Monitor the site activity
  2. Manage the roles that restrict use of various portal features and assign catalogs to roles.
  3. Manage users and change their roles.
  4. Update and edit the site content.
  5. Configure the site.
  6. Manatained Backup Logs.
  7. Manage Federation relationships: configure peer gateways and set up subscriptions to that peer’s public marketplace.
  8. Model Deployment Automation

1.2. Admin Access to the Acumos Portal

When a new Acumos Portal is deployed, a default admin user will be created in the process of deployment by common-dataservice database setup scripts. A default username (“*TBD*”) and password (“*TBD*”) will be assigned to the admin and must be changed upon first login, as the password will be set to “expired” when created.

Users can be assigned the role of Admin via the Portal UI at “Site Admin” / “User Management”. Select the user and pick “admin” under the “Change Role To” dropdown. The user will need to logout and back in for the “Site Admin” tools to be visible.

The Site Admin Dashboard provides the toolset that admins use to manage the Acumos portal. The Site Admin Dashboard can be accessed by site admins only. Admins will have the “SITE ADMIN” option on the left of the portal UI when they login.