License Manager

License Manager Client Library

The license manager client library provides a java jar to perform the following functions:
  • Provide a schema for license profile
  • Api to Validate license profiles against the schema
  • Api to Register ML models with License Usage Manager
  • Api to Verify entitlement with License Usage Manager
  • Api to Support Portal back end
  • Api to fetch all the available SwidTags with License Usage Manager

License Right To Use (RTU) editor

The license right to use (RTU) editor provides a micro front end for the management of

agreements and right.

  • suppliers create an agreement with a subscriber.
  • subscriber can review the agreement from the suppliers and save into license usage manager
  • subscriber can add restrictions on top of the agreement from the supplier such as specifying specific users who can use the software.
  • Angular 8 app that is served using a docker image with nginx web server.

Model Usage Tracking

When you deploy a model using kubernetes the default profile will use the ELK stack and report back usage of the model.

License Usage Management (LUM)

The license usage management (LUM) documentation is located here: License Usage Manager