Acumos DCAE Model Runner

The Acumos DCAE model runner enables Acumos Python models to be run as if they were DCAE components.

Each Acumos model method is mapped to a subscriber and publisher stream, with _subscriber and _publisher suffixes respectively. For example, a model with a transform method would have transform_subscriber and transform_publisher streams.

The model runner implements DCAE APIs such as health checks and configuration updates.

The acumos_dcae_model_runner Python package provides a command line utility that can be used to instantiate the model runner. See the tutorial for more information.

The acumos_dcae_model_runner package should be installed in the docker image that is ultimately on-boarded into DCAE. The model runner CLI utility should be the entry point of that Docker image, as shown in the Dockerfile provided in example/ directory in the root of the Acumos DCAE Model Runner repository.


The acumos_dcae_model_runner package can be installed with pip like so:

pip install acumos_dcae_model_runner

Note: installing acumos_dcae_model_runner will also install the latest version of dcaeapplib, which is only compatible with DCAE Dublin or later. To use acumos_dcae_model_runner with earlier versions of DCAE, be sure to pin or bound the version of dcaeapplib appropriately. Consult the DCAE documentation for more information.