Openstack Client Users Guide

1. Introduction

This is a user’s guide that describes how to use the the openstack client.

1.1 What is the Openstack ?

Openstack is a free and open-source software platform for cloud computing, whereby virtual servers and other resources are made available to customers.

1.Easy Deploy Simple models. The openstack client deploy simple models easily in openstack cloud. It created new virtual machine and deployed
models in virtual machine.
2.Easy Deploy Composite models. The openstack client deploy Composite models easily in openstack cloud. It created new virtual machine and
deployed models in virtual machine .it provided endpoint of models and endpoint URL is showing as notification after deployment.

1.2 Target Users

The openstack-client is designed for users who wish to deploy Models in Openstack cloud in separate virtual machine.
  1. Creating a Login on Acuomos

    In order to use the full capabilities of Acuomos, the users must create a login on the Acumos Portal.

3. openstack-client Experience - for Users

3.1 Acumos Marketplace**

Users can go marketplace and discover models by browsing, direct search, or by applying any of a number of filter criteria to explore the marketplace. Models are presented on the Marketplace as “tiles”, showing the Name, image, ratings and usage statistics.

3.2 openstack client**

User can deploy model in Openstack cloud if Deploy to cloud button is enable in model detail page. User select rackspace to deploy model in Openstack cloud. Acumos have two type of model to deploy Openstack cloud.

1.User can fill vm name detail and deploy simple solution in Openstack cloud.

2.Composite model is combination of more than one solutions. Model connector also deploy with composite models. Model connector is use for

communication between models in virtual machine.

3.User can set databroker details with composite mode. Databroker image is available in composite solution then it will also deploy

with composite solution.


4.openstack client send notification to user after deploying composite solution. Notification have endpoint of model connector and databroker.

5.Composite solution endpoint’s also save in database. User can check with UUID number.