LUM - Application Programming Interface (API)

LUM provides http based API under specification of openapi 3.0.3.

If lum-server is not installed

  1. download lum-server-API.yaml
  2. use on the downloaded lum-server-API.yaml to see the API specification in UI.


Do not execute any commands from inside, because the swagger spec of LUM server only has a relative path to lum-server and that does not point to the running lum-server.

If lum-server is installed and running

  1. open the web browser of your choice
  2. navigate to the swagger ui web-page on the running lum-server at the url path /ui/openapi.


  • For instance, if the lum-server is running at your localhost at port 2080, open http://localhost:2080/ui/openapi page in the web-browser.

  • If using a reverse proxy with the url like this https://localhost/lum/ pointing to lum-server, then

    • Open https://localhost/lum/ui/openapi page in the web-browser (append /ui/openapi to /lum path of the lum-server).
    • Change Servers selector from default "/ - Root" to "/lum - Helm Chart with ingress" (going through the reverse proxy) on that page to be able to execute the commands against the running lum-server.

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