Acumos R Client Release Notes

These release notes cover the Acumos R client

Version 0.3.0, 13 March 2020

  • add composeFromSource() and pushFromSource() functions, enabling respectively to compose and to push a bundle from an R file (considered as the component source) in which all the functions and auxiliary objects needed to compose the bundle are defined : ACUMOS-3972
  • change push() to look up and include in the POST request a potential component.R file contained in the bundle : ACUMOS-3776

Version 0.2-8, 12 April 2019

  • add ‘create’ and ‘headers’ parameters to push() : ACUMOS-2278
  • add ‘license’ file : ACUMOS-2278
  • change the meaning of ‘…’ in push() to supply any additional elements for body of the ‘POST’ request. This allows optional parameters to be added to the onboarding service.

Version 0.2-7

  • allow the ‘file’ argument in run() to be a directory containing the unpacked component.

Version 0.2-6

  • added send.msg(…, response=TRUE) to allow more easy testing of REST-style pushes (internal interface only).
  • minor documentation updates such as mention of data_response run-time option.

Version 0.2-5

  • updated to generate meta.json version 0.5.0
  • added service rpc entry in the proto file

Version 0.2-4

  • update push() to take the bundle and upload in pieces until the server supports bundles.
  • include schema version in meta.json

Version 0.2-3

  • improve package dependency detection by removing versions and whitespaces

Version 0.2-2

  • add run(init.only=TRUE) option to setup the run-time environment without actually running the server
  • new runtime parameter data_response=TRUE enables direct passing of the output data to the caller.When set the POST request to the functions (like /predict) returns the result in the same request. If not set (the default) it only retuns success/failure status.

Version 0.2-1

  • add auth() function to obtain authentication token from Acumos.
  • add push(token=) to use token (obtained form auth()) for authentication purposes.

Version 0.2-0

  • switch to using bundle model component files (.amc) instead of individual files (.json/.bin/.proto)
  • add debuging env var ACUMOS_DEBUG for verbose logging

Version 0.1-2

  • add support for push()
  • include non-loaded dependencies

Version 0.1-1

  • add documentation
  • add transform, fit, genertae and service endpoints

Version 0.1-0

  • initial version

The Acumos R Client library code is maintained by Simon Urbanek at Forge <>`_.

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