System Integration Release Notes

All-in-One (OneClick Deploy)

Version 2.4.0, 15 Aug 2019

This release adds final enhancements to the Boreas maintenance release.

  • 4851: Boreas maintenance release wrapup
    • ACUMOS-3212 Boreas maintenance release
      • Includes these enhancements:
        • portal-be: enable publication feature with AIO setup
        • Update to release assembly Acumos_1907311600
        • Support platform deployment for k8s cluster tenants
          • minimize nodeport use
          • enable dynamic nodeport assignment
          • merge prep scripts to minimize process variance
          • select whether to create PVc
          • select whether to bind PVCs to specific PVs
          • reorder component deployments to ensure dependencies
          • make ingress controller / ingress object creation optional
          • clean resources specifically instead of deleting namespaces
        • Update
        • Support prep|setup|clean action in all component scripts
        • Use docker:18-dind to avoid issues with 19-dind
        • Add qanda element to portal-be springenv
        • Parameterize wait times
        • Pre-pull images
        • Update user guide
        • Add aio_k8s_deployer (containerized k8s deployment tool)
        • Update AIO support in OpenShift (NOTE: WIP for ingress control)

Version 2.3.0, 11 July 2019

This release completes the Boreas maintenance release, to the extent that open issues and work in progress have been completed.

Version 2.2.0, 23 April 2019

This release completes the planned work for the Boreas release, minus any items not delivered so far and on the candidate list for deferral to Clio. Further releases in Boreas will align the AIO tools with the latest weekly releases, address bugs, and any remaining items that can’t be deferred.

Version 2.1.0, 29 March 2019

This release is the first step in the refactoring of the AIO toolset to support these goals:

  • separation of user roles for target hosts (admin vs user)
  • Helm-based component deployment
  • discrete deployment of prerequisites, supplemental components, and core components

The process for deploying the AIO platform has changed. Please review the One Click Deploy User Guide for updated instructions.

Version 2.0.1, 23 January 2019

This is the first draft release for Acumos Boreas.

Version 1.0.2, 24 October 2018

Version 1.0.0, 5 October 2018

This is the final version as of Release Candidate 0 (RC0).

  • ACUMOS-1784: AIO-0.8: Various bugs in testing private-kubernetes-deploy
    • Various bugs and other issues needing fixes
      • Align with Weekly+Assembly+Acumos_1809291700 with updates:
      • Update onboarding-app version to fix Tosca creation errors
      • Update microservice-generation to latest test version
      • Update probe to latest version
      • add docker-proxy cleanup to
      • remove superfluous creation of /var/acumos/docker-proxy/data
      • correct log volume mapping for kubernetes-client
      • fix errors in portal-be templates
      • update BLUEPRINT_ORCHESTRATOR_IMAGE variable
      • update PROTO_VIEWER_IMAGE variable
      • update ACUMOS_BASE_IMAGE variable
      • add kubernetes-client to
      • fix iptables rules for docker API access
      • disable error trap when deleting k8s services etc
      • update release notes

Version 0.8, 22 September 2018

This is the final version as of code freeze (M4).

Version 0.6, 13 August 2018

Version 0.5, 16 May 2018

Version 0.4, 17 April 2018

  • Fix onboarding issues
  • Post-ONS updates in testing
    • ACUMOS-203
    • Further fixes for kong/CMS testing
    • Align component versions
    • Handle more model onboarding upload errors
    • Handle USER prefixed to container names
    • Enable containers to resolve local DNS hostnames
    • Use domain name for local peer setup
    • Align docker-compose.yml
    • Handle temporary failures in docker login
    • Set subjectAltNames through openssl.cnf
    • Quote models folder to avoid expansion

Version 0.3, 27 March 2018

  • Enhancements for ONS demo
    • ACUMOS-203
    • Run commands separately to ensure failures are trapped; Verify peers can access federation API at peer
    • align docker-compose templates
    • verify federation API is accessible
    • add
    • update to portal 1.14.48
    • direct user to
  • Updated steps install kong api in docs
  • Preliminary updates for federation-gateway
    • ACUMOS-231
    • Preliminary updates for federation-gateway
    • Add to automate federation test
    • Add setup-peer to automate peer setup
    • Add setup-user to automate user setup
    • Setup “self” federation peer
    • Restart federation-gateway after updating truststore
    • Add openssl.cnf and align certs etc setup with dev/ist
    • Update readme (RST version in a later patch)
    • Update image versions where ready
    • Expose only onboarding and portal-fe via kong proxy
    • Merge kong-migration into kong container
    • Improve cleanup process

Version 0.2, 13 March 2018