Federation Gateway Overview

The Acumos Federation Gateway feature provides a mechanism to exchange models between two Acumos instances via a secure network channel. The goal was to have a mechanism that provides great flexibility when designing a deployment. The Gateway feature does not define how multiple Acumos instances are to be interconnected or what roles they play.

Like many other system components, the Gateway is implemented as a server that listens for requests on a REST API. The Gateway provides two interfaces, both using REST:

  • Public: towards peers (also known as the “E5” interface)
  • Private: changes between gateway and different adapter implementations


The following picture shows how the gateway components communicate with each other and with other Acumos features. All communication is secured by use of client and server certificates.

Federation Gateway Architecture

Developer Resources

The source is available from the Linux Foundation Gerrit server:

The build (CI) jobs are in the Linux Foundation Jenkins server:

Issues are tracked in the Linux Foundation Jira server:

Project information is available in the Linux Foundation Wiki: