Boreas Release Notes

Boreas is the second release of the Acumos platform.

Release Highlights

Support for onboarding of ONNX, PFA and Dockerized models.

Enhanced Acumos platform peering through a controlled process of partner catalog publication and subscription.

  • Global catalog search capability
  • Federation of Catalogs

Support for AI/ML model suppliers to provide a commercial software license with their models in the Acumos marketplace.

  • Security scans of license metadata for models [*]
  • Support verification of licenses and Right-To-Use for commercial models [†]
  • Logging to enable model activity tracking and reporting

Support for ML Workbench to allow the creation and training of AI/ML models in Acumos platform.

  • Support for Notebooks development environment (Jupyter).
  • Support for Pipeline (NiFi [‡] ) tools are integrated with Acumos.

Enhanced support for deploying Acumos platform under Kubernetes

Enhanced user experience in portal.

  • Publishing, unpublishing, deploying , onboarding, model building, and chaining, etc.

Enhanced logging standards

  • Log formats aligned with ONAP.
  • Support for Log management tools.
[*]Disabled with Security Verification turned off.
[†]Disabled with Security Verification turned off.
[‡]NiFi Pipeline tools are available as a Beta Feature only under K8S.


For Acumos Multi Node Installation .

Acumos provides a one-click installation script for deploying to Ubuntu 16.04 development environments. Both docker-compose and Kubernetes options are supported. Please see the :doc: One Click Deploy User Guide for details.

Supported Browsers, Devices, and Resolutions

Detailed information can be found on the Supported Browsers, Devices, and Resolutions page.

How to Get Help

There are two options for getting help installing and using the Acumos platform:

Whether you post to the mailing list or to Stack Overflow, please be as descriptive as possible in the body so it’s easier for a community member to help.

How to Report a Bug

You can report a bug by creating a Jira issue in the Acumos Jira. You must log in with your Linux Foundation ID. Guidelines for the content of a bug report are here.