Web Demo

This web page visualizes reports for policy optimization of hosted customer VMs. Interested readers in more background for the exploration of this task can continue to the next lesson.

Running Example

This demonstration web page shows plots of predicted and historical resource values for memory, CPU, and network throughput from actual customer VMs running a firewall VNF.

Interact with the demo by selecting a different Customer VM, changing the start or end date for analysis, or clicking on the summarized graphs at the bottom of the page.

In future versions, these plotted graphs will be populated by a running instance or by retrieving recent historical predictions and values from a live database.

  • Example web application for resource predictionexample web application for resource prediction

Web Technologies

For interactions, this page uses open-source web technologies like bootstrap-3.3.7, AngularJS 1.6.1, jQuery 3.2.1, and UI Bootstrap 2.5.