Proto Viewer Release Notes

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[1.5.7] - 10/18/2018

  • Repair get-image method variable usage failure

[1.5.6] - 9/26/2018

  • Read external port from environment with default to 5006 (ACUMOS-1790)
  • Extend method that generates model ID (ACUMOS-1793)

[1.5.5] - 9/6/2018

  • Repair parameter-name botch in return_image callback (ACUMOS-1681)

[1.5.4] - 7/30/2018

  • Add test data
  • Add directions for running web server to publish test data
  • Revise to expose load_module function
  • Revise bin/ to call test data using simple paths

[1.5.3] - 7/9/2018

  • Tell json converter to preserve protobuf names (ACUMOS-1366)
  • Add debug log to inject_data

[1.5.2] - 6/29/2018

  • Add debug logging statements to util functions

[1.5.1] - 6/11/18

  • Change “recieved” to “received” in probe’s metadata key

[1.5.0] - 4/24/18

  • Add table option to view data in rows and columns

[1.4.2] - 3/25/18

  • Make raw formatting work even with bytes by truncating them

[1.4.1] - 3/25/18

  • Slightly better raw formatting

[1.4.0] - 3/25/18

  • Handle “repeated” keyword
  • Better raw display

[1.3.1] - 3/24/18

  • Swap out marshal for pickle


  • No longer need NGINX


  • Makes the probe compatible with ONAP Message Router
  • Code cleanups, increase in testing, use better concepts in bin/run


  • Allow the POST to contain a partial URL, and implement the ENV variable the model connector will deploy the probe with; contatenating the two forms the full probe URL.
  • Start the breakout of functionality from bin/run to other modules to enable more unit testing
  • Fix more (but not all) pylint violations


  • Move from modelid to protourl, and rename headers per what model connector wants
  • Probe will now download the proto file from the URL
  • Fix some PEP8 violations after installing FLAKE8


  • By request from Kazi, when posting into /data, return the request body back to the caller.


  • Switch to Redis so we can start TTLing datasets
  • Add tests


  • Move to NGINX reverse proxy to get rid of hostname nonsense
  • Add target host as a cmd line arg in fake_data


  • Package my own image resolver to drastically shrink page size; data URLs are huge


  • Code cleanups; move get_raw_index into a get/setter abstraction instead
  • Support JPEG, make user select MIME type instead of assuming PNG
  • Rename POST /senddata to POST /data to be “rest-ier”


  • Add UPDATE_CALLBACK_FREQUENCY as an env variable
  • Add apv_model_as_string to each record
  • Add apv_sequence_number to each record
  • Add a raw type; still needs astetic work


  • Dockerize
  • Switch from gunicorn to Tornado


  • Inject timestamp into all incoming records
  • Switch graph selection and field selection
  • Support image type (most of this PRs work)
  • Bugfixes, cleanups.


  • Switch to a third party lib for parsing the proto file
  • Move away from the proto file name being significant, to a notion of “model id” instead
  • Support multiple connections


  • This changelog started
  • Add input controls for selection proto file etc
  • Add util functions for listing and loading compiled protos
  • Added Paul’s code for parsing proto file