Federation Gateway Release Notes

This server is available as a Docker image in a Docker registry at the Linux Foundation.

Version 1.18.7, 2018-10-30

Version 1.18.6, 2018-10-08

  • Fix for the handling of mis-represented content uris (ACUMOS-1780)
  • Adds subscription option directing the handling of error in content retrieval with respect to catalog updates

Version 1.18.5, 2018-10-02

  • Fix for loss of file name prefix/suffix (ACUMOS-1780)
  • Fix for processing of docker artifacts, push to the local registry (ACUMOS-1781)
  • Add peer ‘isActive’ as controller calls pre-authorization check
  • Fix the artifact content processing condition in the gateway

Version 1.18.4, 2018-09-21

  • Fix download of large artifacts
  • Upgrade Spring-Boot to 1.5.16.RELEASE (ACUMOS-1754)

Version 1.18.3, 2018-09-14

  • Increase max heap size

  • configuration changes: new top level docker configuration block:

    "docker": {
        "host": "tcp://your_host:port",
        "registryUrl": "your_registry:port",
        "registryUsername": "docker_username",
        "registryPassword": "docker_password",
        "registryEmail": ""

Version 1.18.2, 2018-09-13

  • Rely on solution detail API for mapping (ACUMOS-1690)
  • Add binary stream to resource http content mapper (ACUMOS-1690)
  • Allow configuration of underlying executor and scheduler
  • Do not overwrite user during mapping for local solutions

Version 1.18.1, 2018-09-05

  • Simplified catalog solutions lookup
  • Fix ‘self’ peer not found (ACUMOS-1694)
  • Fix task scheduler initialization (ACUMOS-1690)
  • Fix solution tag handling
  • Move solution and revision updates to service interface

Version 1.18.0, 2018-09-05

  • Align with data model changes from CDS 1.18.x
  • Fix subscription update processing (ACUMOS-1693)

Version 1.17.1, 2018-09-04

Version 1.17.0, 2018-08-14

  • Align with data model changes from CDS 1.17.x
  • Add revision document federation (ACUMOS-1606)
  • Add tag federation (ACUMOS-1544)
  • Fix authorship federation (ACUMOS-626)
  • The federation API for access to artifact and document content access have changed to /solutions/{solutionId}/revisions/{revisionId}/artifacts/{artifactId}/content and /solutions/{solutionId}/revisions/{revisionId}/documents/{documentId}/content

Version 1.16.1, 2018-08-08

  • Temporary patch for tag handling during federation procedures

Version 1.16.0, 2018-08-01

  • Aligns with the data model changes from CDS 1.16.x
  • Minor fixes in order to adhere to project coding standards.

Version 1.15.1, 2018-07-31

  • Fixes catalog solution lookup strategy due to used criteria moving to other entities (solution -> revision)
  • Fixes some Sonar complaints
  • Adds more unit tests for CDS based service implementations
  • Align version numbers with CDS

Version 1.1.5, 2018-07-12

  • Aligns with the data model changes from CDS 1.15 (ACUMOS-1330)

Version, 2018-07-11

  • Fix handling of docker images with no tags (ACUMOS-1015)

Version 1.1.4, 2018-06-20

  • Fix result size test when retrieving ‘self’ peer
  • Fix handling of null solutions filter in the service. Fix the handling of no such item errors in catalog controller.

Version 1.1.3, 2018-05-10

  • Upgrade to CDS 1.14.4

Version 1.1.2, 2018-04-19

Version 1.1.1, 2018-04-13

  • Unit tests for local interface
  • Separate federation and local service interfaces (ACUMOS-276)

Version 1.1.0, 2018-03-09

  • Separate between federation and local interface with respect to network configuration, authorization and available REST API.
  • Upgrade to CDS 1.14.0

Version 1.0.0, 2018-02-12

  • Use release (not snapshot) versions of acumos-nexus-client and common-dataservice libraries
  • Limit JVM memory use via Docker start command
  • Revise docker projects to deploy images to nexus3.acumos.org
  • Make aspectjweaver part of runtime
  • Add dependency copy plugin

Version 0.2.0, 2017-11-28

  • Support to CDS 1.9.0
  • 2-Way SSL Support
  • X509 Subject Principal Authentication