Design Studio TOSCA Model Generator Client Developer Guide

1. Overview

This is the developers guide to Design Studio TOSCA Model Generator Client.

1.1. What is TOSCA Model Generator Client?

  1. TOSCA Model Generator Client generates TOSCA models
  2. Is included in onboarding module as lib.
  3. The TOSCA Model generated are : TGIF.json & Protobuf.json while onboarding the models.

2. Architecture and Design

2.1. High-Level Flow

2.2. Class Diagrams

2.3. Sequence Diagrams

3. Technology and Frameworks

List of the development languages, frameworks, etc.

  1. Java 8
  2. Maven 4.0.0
  3. Jackson 2.7.5
  4. JUnit 4.12

4. Project Resources

5. Development Setup

5.1. Get the code

Clone the Repository in some user accessible directory, lets call this as <homeDirectory>

git clone https://<username>

After successful clone, new directory <homeDirectory>/design-studio with following sub directories should get created.

design-studio gerritRepository structure

5.2. Import Project in Eclipse

After successful import, you should view in Project Explorer
Eclipse Project Explorer for TOSCAModelGeneratorClient

6. How to Run


7. How to Test

Through JUnit test cases.