Acumos Java Client Developer Guide


  • It is 1 part of the Acumos Tools for and Generic Java models.
  • The Java client is a command line utility that the Modeller/Onboarder/ ML expert/Data Scientist runs on his local machine or wherever he has the model to onboard it into Acumos.
  • Both of them together provide a way to use and Generic Java in the Acumos Platform.

Architecture and Design

Java Client Library:

Allows the H2o or Generic Java model and other artifacts to become available in the onboarding server for the H2o Model runner to be able to use them.

  • The Modeller/Onboarder/ ML expert/Data Scientist creates his model in H2o and exports it in the MOJO model format (.zip file) using any interface (eg.Python, Flow, R) provided by H2o
  • For Generic Java, the Modeller/Onboarder/ ML expert creates his model and exports it in the .jar format.
  • He runs the JavaClient jar (from Nexus;quick~java_client), which creates a Protobuf (default.proto) file for the Model, creates the required metadata.json file and an artifact called
  • Depending on the choice of the modeler, he can manually upload these generated artifacts to the Acumos Marketplace via its Web interface. This is Web-based onboarding. We will see how to do this in this article.
  • Or the Java client library itself, onboards the model onto the onboarding server if the modeler provides the onboarding server URL. This is CLI-based onboarding. We will also see how to do this in this article.

Model Runner:

Allows the onboarded Model to be run as containerized microservice and allows other external applications to use the onboarded Model for predictions.
  • Essentially, provides a wrapper around the ML model, packages it as a containerized microservice and exposes a predict method as a rest endpoint.
  • When the model is onboarded and deployed, this method (REST endpoint) can then be called by other external applications to request predictions off of the model.

Technology and Frameworks

  • Languages: Java
  • Other Technologies: Google Protocol buffers,
  • Frameworks: Junit.

Project Resources

  • Gerrit repo: acumos-java-client
  • Jira acumos-java-client

Development Setup

You will need the jars from the above 2 projects:

You can download the Java Client (ie. executable jar of gerrit repo - acumos-java-client project) from Nexus. Go to;quick~java-client and download the latest version of the Java client jar.

You can download the h2o-genericjava-modelrunner (ie. executable jar of gerrit repo - generic-model-runner project) from Nexus. Go to;quick~runner and download the latest version of the h2o-genericjava-modelrunner jar.

To clone the client library project:

git clone

To run the client project,you will need the following installed on your machine. - Java (jdk) 1.8 - Protoc compiler 3.4.0 - Maven - Protobuf Java runtime 3.4.0

To build the project, you can use:

mvn clean install

This will give you the same Java Client jar mentioned earlier.

To clone the model runner project:

git clone

To build the model runner project, refer to instructions provided in generic-model-runner folder This will give you the same h2o-genericjava-modelrunner mentioned earlier.

You must have the following installed on your machine-

  • Java 1.8
  • Maven

It is a Maven Project. You can clean, install, test as with any Maven project.