Acumos Hippo CMS Developer Guide

Running locally

This project uses the Maven Cargo plugin to run Essentials, the CMS and site locally in Tomcat. From the project root folder, execute:

mvn clean verify
mvn -P

By default this includes and bootstraps repository content from the repository-data/content module, which is deployed by cargo to the Tomcat shared/lib. If you want or need to start without bootstrapping the local content module, for example when testing against an existing repository, you can specify the additional Maven profile without-content to do so:

mvn -P,without-content

This additional profile will modify the target location for the content module to the Tomcat temp/ folder so that it won’t be seen and picked up during the repository bootstrap process.

Access the Hippo Essentials at http://localhost:8080/essentials. After your project is set up, access the CMS at http://localhost:8080/cms and the site at http://localhost:8080/site. Logs are located in target/tomcat8x/logs

Building distributions

To build Tomcat distribution tarballs:

mvn clean verify
mvn -P dist


mvn -P dist-with-content

The ‘dist’ profile will produce in the /target directory a distribution tarball, containing the main deployable wars and shared libraries.

The ‘dist-with-content’ profile will produce a distribution-with-content tarball, containing as well the bootstrap-content jar in the shared/lib directory. This kind of distribution is meant to be used for deployments on empty repositories, for instance deployment on a new environment.

See also src/main/assembly/*.xml if you need to customize the distributions.

Using JRebel

Set the environment variable REBEL_HOME to the directory containing jrebel.jar.

Build with:

mvn clean verify -Djrebel

Start with:

mvn -P -Djrebel

Best Practice for development

Use the option -Drepo.path=/some/path/to/repository during start up. This will avoid your repository to be cleared when you do a mvn clean.

For example start your project with:

mvn -P -Drepo.path=/home/usr/tmp/repo

or with jrebel:

mvn -P -Drepo.path=/home/usr/tmp/repo -Djrebel

Hot deploy

To hot deploy, redeploy or undeploy the CMS or site:

cd cms (or site) mvn cargo:redeploy (or cargo:undeploy, or cargo:deploy)

Automatic Export

Automatic export of repository changes to the filesystem is turned on by default. To control this behavior, log into http://localhost:8080/cms/console and press the “Enable/Disable Auto Export” button at the top right. To set this as the default for your project edit the file ./repository-data/config/src/main/resources/configuration/modules/autoexport-module.xml

Monitoring with JMX Console

You may run the following command:


Now open the local process org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap start