Athena Release Notes

Athena is the first release of the Acumos platform.

  • Release Name: Athena
  • Release Version: 1.0.0
  • Release Date: 7 November 2018

Release Highlights

Portal and Marketplace

  • Marketplace personalization - ability to choose model tags (IoT, Mobile, Wireless, etc) so those models will appear first in the Marketplace
  • Model authorship
  • New user email verification
  • Publisher role added so models can be approved before being published to the Public Marketplace
  • Ability to download Kubernetes artifacts

Design Studio

  • Enhanced CSV Data Broker
  • SQL Data Broker
  • Split and Join capability - parameter-based and array-based split/collation schemes
  • Ability to create Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) composite solutions
  • Enhanced Model connector - support for orchestrating DAG solutions
  • Enhanced Probe endpoints
  • Validate composite solution and generate deployment blueprint


  • Site configuration

Deployment of Models

  • Models may be deployed to a local environment as well as to a Cloud environment

  • Support added to deploy models to a Kubernetes environment

    • Deploy models on their own servers/VMs under a private Kubernetes environment
    • Deploy models on hardware - workstations or lab servers
    • Avoid complex prerequisites and costs associated with deploying on VMs/Docker

Platform Operation, Administration, and Management

  • Deployment of the platform to a Kubernetes environment
  • One-click, single node deployment to Kubernetes as well as Docker
  • Kibana dashboard

Supported Browsers, Devices, and Resolutions

Detailed information can be found on the Supported Browsers, Devices, and Resolutions page.

Known Issues and Limitations


  • Java Client: command-line on-boarding does not support API token but does support JWT
  • R Client: command-line on-boarding does not support API token but does support JWT

Design Studio

  • Design Studio Data Broker, Splitter, and Collator functionality requires that specific toolkit models be on-boarded; see the On-Boarding Design Studio Toolkit Models section in the Portal and Marketplace Admin Guide for details.

Portal Marketplace UI

  • Manage Themes - selecting themes - the instruction in the modal dialog states “Choose your tags…” but if you select more than one tag, the error message “You cannot select more than one tag” is displayed; only single tag selection is supported at this time

  • ON-BOARDING MODEL page contains incorrect URLs: To know more about on-boarding, please have a look at : should be

  • Web On-boarding: Quit(X) is not working during and after uploading of files for web on-boarding

  • Deploy to Local: Help link displayed in the pop-up window does not work

  • Notification: Solution name is not displayed in the notification after a user published the model to the Company Marketplace

  • Publishing a Model to Company or Public Marketplace

    • A newly added tag is not displayed on the model tiles on the Marketplace and Manage My Model pages when a user publishes a model; workaround: to add a new tag – after the model has been published, you need to go back to Publish to Company or Publish to Public and type in the tag name and then click someplace else on the screen for the tag to be added to the model (tag is still not added to drop-down list)
    • Status is not moving for states when a model is published to Company
  • Publish Request

    • Filter is applied to entire list but existing page breaks are maintained even if filter results are less than selected number of records/page; workaround: select to show more requests/page than number of requests in the list

Security Notes

Integrated security and license scanning of models is not available.


Acumos provides a one-click installation script for deploying to Ubuntu 16.04 development environments. Both docker-compose and Kubernetes options are supported. Please see the One Click Deploy User Guide for details.


The Acumos Athena release provides multiple points of documentation:

  • A high level Platform Architecture Guide of how components relate to each other
  • A collection of documentation provided by each component
  • The Acumos wiki remains a good source of information on meeting plans and notes from committees, project teams and community events


Acumos source code is licensed under the Apache Version 2 License. Acumos documentation is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

How to Get Help

There are two options for getting help installing and using the Acumos platform:

Whether you post to the mailing list or to Stack Overflow, please be as descriptive as possible in the body so it’s easier for a community member to help.

How to Report a Bug

You can report a bug by creating a Jira issue in the Acumos Jira. You must log in with your Linux Foundation ID. Guidelines for the content of a bug report are here.