1. Tools for Creating Documentation in RST

1.1. Editing Tools

1.1.1. Ubuntu

  1. ReText: Ubuntu Software Store or follow the instructions on the project’s Github page; ReText has a live preview feature
  2. Atom with the RST-Preview Package
  3. Notepadqq
  4. gedit

1.1.2. All Platforms

  1. ReST Editor for Eclipse

  2. Visual Studio Code with the vscode-restructuredtext extension

  3. VIM

    1. reStructuredText syntax highlighting mode
    2. VST (Vim reStructuredText) plugin for Vim7 with folding.
    3. VOoM plugin for Vim that emulates two-pane outliner with support for reStructuredText (since version 4.0b2).
    4. Riv: Take notes in rst Vim plugin to take notes in reStructured text.
  4. Emacs with rst-mode turned on

  5. PyCharm

  6. Atom with RST plugins

1.1.3. Web-based Editors

  1. NoTex - it can handle complete projects. You can upload your files and edit stuff.
  2. Online reStructuredText Editor - It does not support all reST constructs (like the .. codeblock:: directive),

1.2. Screen Capture and Edit

1.2.1. Ubuntu

  1. Shutter: Ubuntu Software Store or from PPA instructions on the project’s website

1.2.2. Mac

  1. Greenshot: Mac App Store ($1.99)

1.2.3. Windows

  1. Greenshot (free)